Team Building

Team Building FEN Perfume

Be an Employer of Choice! 

Workplace activities are usually dreaded by employees as it can be draggy & not-so-fun.

As a growing company, we understand the importance of productivity & employee cohesiveness. Our strength is in creating an exceptional team building experience using fragrance as a supporting tool. 

Done right, having a team building program with a purpose can help improve work ethics – often dramatically.

Our facilitators approach each program with infectious enthusiasm, an understanding of what participants are expected to gain from the activity and ensuring that all participants are engaged from the outset. 

Whether teams want to be creative or competitive, positive interaction is the key to creating an environment that is perfect for team building. 

Each program can be used effectively:

  • on its own or as a half day program
  • integrated into your Company’s team building program
  • as a 30-min or 1-hour energizer during a conference
  • as a kick off to a development initiative 
  • as a maintenance piece within a multi-day training solution 

Our focus is on making the team building fun, meaningful and something that will stay with them once they get back to the office. 

The key components for any program is that it has a high level of interaction, is engaging for all participants and run by facilitators who are skilled at and love what they are doing.

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