Perfume Passion

FEN Perfumes doesn’t just sell perfumes. 

We give you the feel of luxury knowing that when you buy from us, you get a product that has been carefully chosen, blended & poured lovingly by hand.

Our raw materials & packaging are sourced worldwide. We distill some of our own oils & hydrosols/floral water from plants that can be found locally/regionally in small batches.

FEN Perfumes’ high quality undiluted perfume oil lasts a minimum of 12 hours. That is our Guarantee. Each scent is a mix of essential oils & synthetic oils to give you a well-rounded perfume with long holding power.

We don’t believe in shortcuts or cheap production. 

All our fragrances contain No alcohol or water dilution. Instead, we use cyclomethicone as the carrier/base which is considered skin safe by chemists. It is widely used in lotions, cream & conditioners to soften the skin which makes it Safer for you if you have sensitive skin or prone to eczema/psoriasis flares.

You can read more about cyclomethicone on

Another important factor is that our fragrances have No phthalates. Phthalates has been criticised for causing serious hormonal health issues.

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What can you get at FEN Perfumes?

  • Specially mixed artisanal fragrances with the elements of  Designer perfumes with a Twist
  • Curated scents are our original creation to personify a theme or a person
  • Home & Vehicle fragrances aka air fresheners
  • Thematic DIY Kits for you to dabble in perfumery in your own comfort or as a gift
  • Hands-on workshops if you prefer to make your own perfumes with an expert guidance
  • Miniature perfume as door gifts, wedding favours or corporate gifts

All our products, raw & finished, are not tested on animals. We love animals, won’t even test on pests. That’s how much we respect their lives.

FEN Perfumes is categorised as Vegan, Halal & Gluten-free.

We don’t have any animal-derived ingredients. Natural oils are from non-wheat/allergen facilities.

We also have an exciting event services called the Scentsory Bar. Read more about it here.

Passion should grow & it should be shared, right? That’s what we believe. 

Hence, we are opening the FIRST EVER Perfumer Program mid 2020! 

You will be trained by our Chief Perfumer, Suzi Sofiee, to be our in-house trainer & a perfume-preneur

We have so much perfume passion to offer you & it doesn’t stop there. 

Everytime you buy anything from us, we will donate 3% to charity.