Our Story

While I was working as a cabin crew, I had the privilege to visit perfumery shops in Cairo, Paris, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, London & Los Angeles. Out of curiosity, I sat through an introduction to perfume oil while in Cairo, Egypt.

I remembered happily purchasing 100ml glass bottles of rose, sandalwood and lavender perfume oils. These oils were highly concentrated & I used 10 drops to scent my laundered clothes when they were in the final rinse cycle. I forgot to buy the dispersant liquid so I could create my own perfume from the three oils.

From then on (2005), I stopped using mass market/diluted perfume & would only buy perfume oils & attars.

I learnt more about perfumery & aromatherapy in Brisbane, Australia while I was doing my BA in International Business. It wasn’t part of my degree course (I wish it was); I attended workshops from various trainers to get a more rounded knowledge.

Upon my return to Singapore in 2011, I remembered my dad & brothers spraying perfumes in huge amount before they leave home. They complaint that the scent won’t last whole day & because of the trigger-happy spraying, they had to buy perfumes more often.

I wanted to make for them special perfumes but couldn’t get the resources needed. Instead, I bought alcohol-free alternatives for myself, family & fiancé. Then came the enquiries from friends & acquaintance. I would take joint orders whenever I needed to replenish my perfume. The number of “orders” increased; which made me realise there was an actual demand.

So it became an “accidental” business in 2014 & has steadily grown to offer more perfumery services. From just selling inspired perfumes, we now have original creations, home fragrances & coming soon a DIY Kit for you to make your own perfumes at home.

My mission is for FEN Perfumes to be a Luxury brand With A Heart.

  • To employ the differently-abled
  • To help those in need earn a comfortable income as our Reseller
  • To give back to society through our various Corporate Social Responsibility programs
  • To extend the maker culture in Singapore & abroad to include perfumery. If you can learn to make soap, bake a cake or blend a cocktail, you can definitely make perfumes.

I envision more than 100 perfumers to be under FEN Perfumes’ wing regionally by 2025 to conduct perfume workshops to their local communities.

Come & join our mission as a Perfumer or Reseller  today!

Our Story Fen Perfumes Singapore